Funny May 16, 2024

The King of His Castle


THE KING OF HIS CASTLE – And who you ask is The King of His Castle? The dog of course! (Or the cat as he is in my house)

While we often show property where the pet is obviously in charge, I felt compelled to write this blog after my most recent sale.

The first time I showed this property to my buyer, we were greeted by the seller, but we quickly knew who was in charge in this home! It was an adorable Shih Tzu named Bodie, with a bow in his hair and a bed filled with toys in every room in the house. As we followed the dog (yes, he showed the home) we knew that he had done this before. The home was not on the market more than a few days, but he was already a pro at this. We followed him, and his owner followed us, pointing out the details of the home, as well as his bed in every room.

When we went back to the house for the second showing, it was no different. While we all stood there discussing the home with the seller, Bodie was right there in the middle, making sure he was the center of attention. After all, we were talking about his home!

I think that the buyers initially liked the home very much, however, you could not help but feel the warmth in this house, with Bodie’s sweet and obvious in charge personality. It made it all the more inviting.

We ultimately did go to contract, and went on to have our inspections. Bodie as usual was in the middle of everything. We could hear the inspector talking to him the entire time. He brought a smile to everyone’s face.

He lived in this house a long time…hope he is happy in his new home!

Again, last week I was showing property to new buyers I am working with. We saw one home, where we were greeted by an adorable Westie named Coconut. This dog also, clearly was the center of attention. The next day when we were discussing each home that we had seen, we all referred to this particular home as Coconut’s house. Again….brought a smile to our faces.

So, if your dog or cat is The King of His Castle, you must surely be a very lucky homeowner!